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January 23, 2019: Native Flowering Plant Species

posted Jan 23, 2019, 4:54 PM by James Falletti

Don't forget that you have an assignment Due on January 25, 2019 on Google Classroom. Be sure to answer the following questions via Google Classroom and TURN IT IN.

Look up and Research Ten (10) Native Plant Species to NJ and to the Northeast Region of the United States (NJ, NY, CT, VT, RI, MA, ME, NH, PA)

Give me the following information:


-Scientific Name

-About the plant (Soil, Light, Water needs and is it poisonous)

-Does it flower? What colors? How long?

-What states or regions can you find this plant species in?

-What type of animals (mammals, birds, insects, etc.) does it attract?

Visit the Following Website for all your information:

Black Baneberry

  • Scientific Name: Actaea racemosa

  • About the Plant:

    • Soil - medium drained

    • Water - Medium-drained/ Low Drought

    • Light - Partial Shade

  • Does it flower: Yes. It has white flowers

  • Local to NJ

  • Attracts Bees and other Pollinators